• Programs

    The festival offers Junior and Senior programs. Both programs include orchestra, chamber music, technique classes, sectionals and private lessons. Limited financial assistance will be available based on merit and festival needs to create balanced chamber groups. The first step is to apply for admission and to be accepted to the festival.

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    Junior Program

    Generally 8 -15 years old

    The Junior Program (JP) offers a half day (4-5 hour) program that includes orchestra, sectionals, technique class and chamber music. During two weeks JP students will learn 10 to 12 orchestral compositions, and perform at the final concerts as well as in a Marin hospital. This community service was a beautiful tradition of Hawaii Performing Arts Festival.


    We are happy to accept strong players under 8 years old, and encourage Senior Program students to play with JP orchestra—this will broaden their experience of the festival. No extra fee will be charged for playing with both programs.

    JP full tuition - $1,250.00

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    Senior Program

    Generally 13 - 30 years old

    Senior Program (SP) runs for a full day (6-8 hours) of intensive music training. It includes chamber music coaching as well as time and space to rehearse on your own. Students will join in orchestra sectionals and tutti rehearsals. Private lessons are also available.


    The Senior students who wish to receive maximum learning experience from the festival are encouraged to join both the Senior and Junior programs. There is no additional fee for joining both.


    Each SP student will be assigned a chamber ensemble which will perform at the final concert. Private lessons will be taught by the faculty members at least once a week. Extra lessons can be arranged.


    SP full tuition - $1,875.00