• Important Information

    Please contact us if you have any more questions

    How do I register?

    Fill out the registration form online.

    What are the requirements?

    Students can arrange a meeting with Eugene Chukhlov, text a short video clip to (510) 672-2487 or send a link to YouTube with a short video of the student performing. This will be used for assessment and grouping.

    Is there tuition assistance?

    Limited financial assistance will available based on merit and festival needs to create balanced chamber groups.

    Is there a deposit?

    If the student is accepted then we will send an acceptance letter with a bill for the deposit of $200.

    The total balance will be due by May 1st.

    Is lunch provided?

    Lunch is not included in the tuition, but can be included for an extra $9 per day.

    What does the day look like?

    We are working on the schedule but most likely it will be:


    Junior Prep Program (primarily ages 6-12)

    *Regular day:

    10-12 pm rehearsals/sectionals

    12 pm-1 pm lunch/practice/playground

    1 pm to 2 pm rehearsal/small group work


    Junior Program (primarily ages 8-15)

    *Regular day:

    10-12 pm rehearsals/sectionals

    12 pm-1 pm lunch/practice

    1 pm to 3 pm rehearsal/small group work


    Note: 2 pm -6 pm

    For an additional fee, recreational activities such as hiking, swimming, gardening and crafts may be arranged. The cost will be determined by the number of requests.


    Senior Program (generally ages 13-30)

    *Regular day

    10 am to 12 pm Chamber music, private lessons, coaching

    12 pm-1 pm Lunch break

    1 pm -3 pm Chamber music, coaching, private lessons, practice time.

    3 pm-5 pm Orchestra rehearsals

    5-6 pm individual practice, chamber music, private lessons


    *The first week will be rehearsals only. Concerts will begin the second week and on concert days we may have a reduced rehearsal schedule, and performances in the afternoons or evenings—The schedule is still in progress.

    Are there dorms on campus?

    Yes, a full boarding including meals and use of the facilities (pool, gym, courts, etc...) will be available at $1200 for two weeks. Just boarding is available without food for $45 per day.