• Videos of our work

    Chee-Yun - teacher

    Masterclass on Tchaikovsky's violin concerto

    There are many great virtuosos who do not teach and fantastic teachers that do not play on super high level. Chee-Yun is a rear example of both - world class virtuoso and a passionate generous teacher.

    Edith Szendrey leads JP in Bach Triple Concerto

    Final HPAF concert in Honolulu

    When 8-10 year old babies play Bach one believes that the classical music will live forever!

    Chee-Yun, faculty & students play Mendelssohn

    Final HPAF concert in Honolulu

    What an amazing experience it was to play with 16 year olds this wonderful piece written by 16 year old composer!

    Chee-Yun & Niki Fukada solo with JP

    Strings Fiale

    This piece was played so many times! This arrangement was made specifically for CY and JP.